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Enjoy a sleepover in Santa's hometown with our one-night trip to Rovaniemi! Fly away to a winter wonderland in the middle of Finland's amazing forests, and enjoy a range of exciting activities by day, before a magical candlelit experience in the evening, featuring snow-covered trees and the amazing lights of the arctic circle. Enjoy a three-course meal and tuck up for a cozy winters night to rest up before your trip to Santa's Secret Grotto the next day!

Day 1:

Your holiday to lapland starts early! The crew will begin the festive fun on the plane from Ireland, with Christmas singing, colouring, drawing and more (subject to Cabin Crew permission). When you arrive at Santa's official airport, you will be met by the elves, who will guide you throughout your stay. 

You'll wrap up in provided thermal clothing, before setting off to enjoy winter activities such as snowmobiles, reindeer & husky rides, toboggans and more, in a picturesque landscape featuring snow covered trees, candles and warm fires. If you're feeling tired, you can take a nice break from the activities to enjoy a hot lunch.

In the evening, you can relax and unwind in the cozy hotel, and enjoy a three course buffet dinner - those feeling adventurous can explore the snow covered town of Rovaneimi.

Day 2:

After breakfast, it's time to start the hunt for Santa! We'll start the day with a visit to Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle. Each family will then enjoy a private meeting with Santa in his private office, and Santa will give each child a small token gift. You then have time to write and send your letters from Santa's official Post Office, before we head back to Rovaniemi airport for a flight home and a light lunch onboard the flight. 




€1,019 per person (based on 2 adults sharing accommodation)

A variety of hotel options available - ask a travel advisor for more information!

What's included: 

  Return Flights
  One Night Accommodation & Meals as per Itinerary
  Thermal suit & boots for outdoor activities
  Private meeting with Santa
  Present from Santa (for all kids aged 7 - 11)
  Reindeer & Husky Sleigh Rides
  Ice & Snow Activities

Variety of dates available December 2021, flying from Dublin, Cork & Shannon

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Wow! Lapland was the trip of a lifetime and a family memory to last forever. The magic begins from the moment you reach the airport but meeting Santa and his elves was like something out of a fairy tale. My two boys still talk about it to this day.

Gillian Murphy, Cassidy Travel Expert Advisor

Fun packed from start to finish. It was hard to sit still, I was that excited and every hour brought more magic!

Erin Murphy, 11 yrs, Rush

My one-night trip to Lapland was the magical holiday of a lifetime. At nearly 40 years of age, it was a dream come true for me, not to mention my 3 children. I just wish I went for longer with the 2 or 3 night trips!

Julie Hanna, Cassidy Travel's Cruise Expert

Our family trip to Lapland was magical. I will never forget that when it started to snow, our 7 year old asked 'Is that Santa's magic dust falling?' because the snow in Lapland was so fine!

Paula, Dublin

Lapland is the trip where kids’ dreams come true! Meeting the Santa and the elves to feeding the reindeer, the children's excitement never dropped. It’s a trip me and my family will remember for the rest of our lives.

Brian, Cassidy Travel Golf Holiday Expert

It was a magical experience for my 5 year old Robyn from start to finish! The reindeer, huskies and all the stops with the elves were brilliant. Our guides (Tasha and Lauran) were brilliant and made the trip so much fun for all the kids (and adults!)

Justin Hughes

Our Experts

Aileen has been helping families visit Santa for over 20 years. She’s counting down to Christmas all year round, and is on hand at any time to answer your queries about Lapland!

The capital of Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi is a compact city in the middle of the Arctic Wilderness. With a warm, friendly buzz, modern shopping malls, lively bars and restaurants and a range of hotels, its the perfect place to relax after a fun day of winter activities! 

Things to do:

Sample the range of restaurants available, from traditional cooking to French cuisines! Enjoy snow sports and sleigh rides outside the city, and see if you can spot a reindeer! 

Fun Fact:

Rovaniemi is designed to look like a reindeers head from above, complete with antlers!

Quick Facts:

Transfer time: 0.00

Local Time: GMT +2

Average flight time: 3.5 hours

Local currency: EUR

Language: All reps will speak English, and many locals speak English and Finnish

Average Weather:



Avg. Rain 54mm



Avg. Rain 53mm



Avg. Rain 47mm

Snow conditions vary year on year, and have been known to fall as low as - 15°C. However, you will receive all-in-one thermal suits and boots on loan for the duration of your trip!

Amazing Activities!

Find out more about what you can do in Lapland!

A visit to Santa's Grotto forms an essential part of each and every one of our Lapland Holidays. Concealed in a secret location, it can often only be reached with the help of huskies, reindeers, snowmobiles and even Santa's Elves.

In the midst of the frosty forest, you will arrive at Santa's warm and welcoming refuge glinting in the starlight. Cross the threshold into a world of delight, where children and parents alike will be awestruck by what hides within.

Home to Santa's head office, where he spends his days checking his lists of who's been naughty and nice, a trip to the Grotto is a once in a lifetime experience. He's eagerly awaiting the arrival of this year's boys and girls, and planning on spending some time with each family individually. He may even have a gift for the guests who have come so far to see him.

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Santa's Grotto


One of the highlights of your trip to Lapland is the chance to meet Santa's Reindeer and his brave team of huskies. Every visitor will get a chance to be guided through the gleaming snow on a sleigh pulled by reindeer or huskies.

Often these trusty creatures are the only ones who know the precise location of Santa's hidden Grotto! Whether you're just taking a little trip through the forest, or on a mission to find Santa's Grotto or the Elf Workshop, the Reindeer or Husky Safari is a truly magical way to explore lapland, and meet Santa's furry friends! 

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Reindeer & Husky Safaris


Tobogganing is just one of the fun snowy pursuits you can enjoy on our Trips to Lapland. Swoop through the slopes and hills on the toboggans and sleds available for both adults and children.

The resort of Pyha has an excellent range of snow-covered slopes and runs, and toboggans can be rented by all guests. You will also find a number of sleds around Santa's Grotto and the Elf Workshop, where you can bound through flurries of powdery white while you wait to meet Father Christmas.

Or, for a slower paced alternative, bundle the family into a blanket-covered sleigh and get pulled across the glistening countryside by a team of huskies and reindeer.

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Powerful snowmobiles play a part in all of our Lapland Holidays. Taking you through snowy crossings on the search for Santa, they're a breathtaking way to travel.

Some of our tours include the chance to try your hand at driving a snowmobile yourself - you might be asked to produce your driving licence so don't forget to bring it along. Children's snowmobiles can also be driven on select trips, and are suitable for anyone aged four and upwards subject to height restrictions.

Lapland is the definitive destination for experiencing snowmobiling check that you're properly insured so you don't miss out!

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Very few lucky children are invited to Lapland's secret Elf Workshop. The elves are snowed under with tasks, and will welcome the extra help as they spend some time with visitors to their workshop.

You'll find out top secret tips on just how the elves manage to make all the gifts, and see a little of the elves preparations for Christmas Day! Guests will get a glimpse of the elves hard at work, and will teach children tricks of the trade and how to decorate their own Gingerbread cookies. If you're lucky, the elves might even drop a hint or two about how to find Santa's Grotto!  

Most two and three day visits to Lapland include a magical visit to the Elf Workshop which kids and adults will love. 

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Elf Workshop